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Americoin Rings

Large US Cent Coin Ring - Obverse Side Out

Large US Cent Coin Ring - Obverse Side Out

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The one cent piece used to be a larger coin than the small "penny" we know today. The design of this coin is timeless. 13 Stars are shown on the obverse face of the coin, representing each of the 13 US Colonies. On the Reverse of the coin it states "The United States of America". This coin is pure copper. 

Due to the age of these coins, they often contain scratches, scrapes, gouges, and knicks. The imperfections of these coins give the ring a unique rustic look, and make each coin unique. 

One of our personal favorites.

NOTE: This selection is for Obverse side facing out.  The Year and Stars face outwards.

See our "Large US Cent Coin Ring - Reverse Side Out"  for the "United States of America" facing outwards.


Please allow a few extra days for your item to ship. Each ring is hand-made to order. To make sure that we get our customers the best rings possible, we do not mass produce our rings.


Pure Copper

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